WordCamp Sydney | July 21-22 2012

It wasn’t really a heat of the moment thing… All the way through WordCamp Gold Coast all I could think about was… we need a WordCamp in Sydney, it’s been way too long. And blow me down if there weren’t other people at #wcgold thinking the same thing.

So we talked about it over a couple of beers (as you do) and the idea kept getting more compelling so we came home from the conference and we read the instructions and muggins here filled out the form and applied.

So, now I can wear the WordCamp organiser badge… you know, if there were such a thing.

A part of me says, ‘you must be out of your tiny mind’ but the bigger part is getting incredibly excited to see people talking about us, to know people want to talk to the audience and to hear people say “I’m going to WordCamp Sydney.”

I hope you’ve heard about it… I hope you’re telling people about it… I hope you’re planning on coming! Because, frankly, these events are nothing with out you. They’re fun for us to organise (around the aggravation of getting sponsors, worrying about staying within the WordCamp guidelines and being secretly terrified that no one will show up) but they’re way, way more fun to attend, I can say so with some authority as this will be my 4th in less than 18 months.

If you haven’t been to one, you should come. If you’ve been to one and think you’ll give this one a miss… don’t. If you don’t want to come alone – attend a meetup before the event and meet some people, or put a call out on twitter for your friends to join you.

What have you got to lose?

Tickets are $75 but we’ve had a sponsor come on board to bring us an early bird price of $50 – so seriously, you don’t want to miss this. Get over to http://2012.sydney.wordcamp.org and register. Your community is nothing without you.

I really hope I see you there.