Getting to Grips with e-Commerce

I had the good fortune to be called on to speak at the March WordPress Sydney meetup last month and am only now posting my slides. Sorry for the delay, life has been… busy.

The talk was pretty informal and centred mostly around actually planning your e-Commerce store BEFORE you actually start building it… get to grips first with the things you’re going to want out of your store before you actually start building.

Having a solid plan will, or at the very least should, influence the choice of plugins you use. Because not all e-commerce plugins are created equal.

Here are the slides.

Here are the main points.

  1. Know how many products you want to sell.
  2. Know how they’re going to be shipped.
    • If you’re using Australia Post – know the packed product’s weight and dimensions
  3. Know the tax rates you’re dealing with.
  4. Know the markets you’re selling to.
  5. Know how you’re going to receive payments.
    • Will you be using PayPal? Have you confirmed the client is eligible (i.e. not a trust)
  6. Does the client have merchant services with their bank?
  7. What gateway will you use
  8. How will you get the ssl certificate you will also need
  9. How comfortable are you tweaking themes?

All of these factors weigh into the conversation and the more information you have up front the better off you are. I hedged around the choice on the night wanting to be impartial, but I use wp e-commerce. It’s not perfect, none of these plugins are, I know it, its quirks and am comfortable working with it. And you can talk to other developers and they’ll all have their favourites. The long and short of it all is that you’ve got a job to do, find the tool that’s going to best do the job and go with that.


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        Hello! I forgot to tell you that they were showing! The day you posted this they were not showing but I came back like two days later and voila! they were there!! I enjoyed your post very much! thanks!