Festive Seasonal Thoughts

I’ve spent the last 3 weeks tripping around New Zealand… so thankful for the benefits of being a freelancer and having a laptop and 3g phone… To date I’ve worked in a Christchurch bedroom, a TranzAlpine train, a 1975 VW Kombi Westfalia camper van, the Overlander train from Auckland to Wellington and the offices of Instinct Entertainment, home of the WP Ecommerce plugin, among other places.

Yep, I know, hard life…

I know that us Antipodeans don’t celebrate Thanksgiving like our American counterparts, but it can’t hurt to be thankful, right? I’m certainly feeling it… thankful for this crazy lifestyle, thankful that NZ and family aren’t far from Sydney and home (yep, home – missing it), thankful to all those who’ve trusted me with their valuable web projects this year, and especially thankful for those who’ve got together with me, hung out and talked web, WordPress and life in places like Melbourne, Sydney, the Gold Coast and now Wellington in 2011!  It’s been a pretty fantastic year and I can’t help feeling there’s more amazing stuff to come.

So, though it feels to me to be early to be thinking about Christmas and the New Year… (I can’t quite fathom that it’s Dec 1 tomorrow… ) I’m looking back at 2011, and posting again the [updated] advent calendar that was an old university project from a few years back. The kids (big AND small) in my world ask for it year after year…

So, here you go… a link to the Advent Calendar with a wish that for you and your family, the countdown to the festive season, and the annual Summer (yes, antipodean holiday season comes with sun, sand and the beach) Holidays is one that is fun, and relaxed and more than just a little bit special!!


  1. Aida says

    One of these days I want to experience Christmas in the summertime. It just seems so odd. I mean, what does Santa wear? Speedos?

  2. says

    LOL, no Santa doesn’t wear speedos… that would be disturbing… no, the poor bugger has to wear the same suit in the Northern Hemisphere as the southern. I like to think its magical properties mean it has inbuilt cooling of some sort for when he’s down here…