Credible Web Professionals and WordPress as a Credible CMS

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One of the things that happened this last year was that I had a number of interesting conversations with a client seeking a quote who had been navigating the process of choosing a developer for their simple business website.

I was one of three people up for the job.

The WordPress Project: It’s all about YOU!

This is a bit of an  unusual post, it isn’t a tutorial, it’s a ‘request for comment’ well, a request for a little bit of help actually…

I’m heading to WordCamp Sydney at the end of September with an idea for a conversation about the unsung heroes of WordPress in Australia… I’m keen to find out just who those people are and spend a little bit of time introducing some of the awesome things that people are doing in our WordPress community…

Freedom Comes from Making the Bed

There are some times when being in business for yourself is kind of a drag.

Don’t get me wrong, I love what I’m doing, I love the technical aspects of all the code tweaking and messing about with making pretty designs work as amazing, functional websites. I love the freedom that’s inherent with freelance… That’s the cool stuff.

The business side of being in business? For me? Less fun. Less free.

A Path to Becoming a Professional WordPress Front End Developer

WordCamp Wellington - Theme Development_2.024

I had the privilege of addressing the audience at WordCamp Welly 2014 this weekend where I shared my journey to becoming a professional WordPress front end developer and passed on some of the ideas I have about what skills and tools you need to go from someone who tinkers about with their site to someone who’s turning out great websites with professional standards.

For the record, I don’t think that this is the only way to get on that road, this is basically my story and how I’ve got to where I am, working full time as a freelancer, working exclusively doing website development on WordPress.

Making your Gravity Forms Work for You – Part Two


Part two of a the tutorial that runs through the process of making my Gravity Forms contact form collect a lot more data than just contact details, and then to share it with some of the business tools I’m using to manage client contacts and projects. In this, part two we look at how to connect the Gravity Forms data from WordPress with Zoho CRM (client relationship manager) and Asana (project management tool).

Learning from Web Project Mistakes – a Case Study


Late last year I was approached by a designer who needed development done of an adventure travel site. The company had been taken over by a new owner and they were keen to get the site updated, particularly as the office was about to move and they wanted to release the new site to coincide with updating everyone with the new address.

Making your Gravity Forms Work for You – Part One

Contact the Web Princess

I’ve been doing some thinking, and I’ve concluded, that one of the least well utilised functions on people’s websites are contact forms. We probably all have them on our sites, and as useful as they are I am willing to bet that most of us aren’t doing anything more than setting them up to email us some basic information. But… did you know, that they can do ever so much more than that?

Can I get sued for using images on my blog?

Can I get Sued for Using Images on my Blog - Princess Lulu

I received this in my inbox this morning, and thought it was too good a question not to share with the wider group. It touches on a couple of my interests, copyright and cat pictures, (who doesn’t love cat pictures?)… This from Claudia, a client and friend who uses social media and her blog beautifully to interact with the clients of her cattery business Aylesham Cattery.

A New Genesis Social Icon Menu

Genesis Font Awesome Social Icon Menu

You may remember, I’ve done a bit of fiddling around using WordPress Custom Menus to make lists of Social Icons. They worked but they were fiddly, relied on sprites which are a bit of a pain to deal with and furthermore also relied on users getting comfortable with the advanced settings of Menus and adding things like classes to the menu items. I am also aware that a lot of people use the Genesis Simple Social icons plugin to create a genesis social icon menu.