My Signature Video

Ok, this just in from the latest episode of the Big Bang Theory (Episode 5×12 – ‘The Shiny Trinket Manoeuvre’ – Seriously… I bet you wish you had your own signature TBBT clip too… I’m sure they were thinking of me when they wrote it… (and it totally made my day)

Updated to include the following image by kabukyramp on Deviant Art

  • Sara (Belly Rumbles)

    Oh love this. Yes I wish I had my own TBBT clip, but apparently I have a sad fetish over a certain seat in our lounge room, much to the amusement of others, sigh…..

    • Dee

      OH, I know that fetish as well, except at home there’s no competition and at the office I’m always first off the mark for lunch… so we’re golden ;)

  • Steve Moulson

    Classic what more can I say

    • Dee

      It sure is Steve – I have watched it SO many times. Just love it :)