Learning from Web Project Mistakes – a Case Study


Late last year I was approached by a designer who needed development done of an adventure travel site. The company had been taken over by a new owner and they were keen to get the site updated, particularly as the office was about to move and they wanted to release the new site to coincide with updating everyone with the new address.

Making your Gravity Forms Work for You – Part One

Contact the Web Princess

I’ve been doing some thinking, and I’ve concluded, that one of the least well utilised functions on people’s websites are contact forms. We probably all have them on our sites, and as useful as they are I am willing to bet that most of us aren’t doing anything more than setting them up to email us some basic information. But… did you know, that they can do ever so much more than that?

Can I get sued for using images on my blog?

Can I get Sued for Using Images on my Blog - Princess Lulu

I received this in my inbox this morning, and thought it was too good a question not to share with the wider group. It touches on a couple of my interests, copyright and cat pictures, (who doesn’t love cat pictures?)… This from Claudia, a client and friend who uses social media and her blog beautifully to interact with the clients of her cattery business Aylesham Cattery.

A New Genesis Social Icon Menu

Genesis Font Awesome Social Icon Menu

You may remember, I’ve done a bit of fiddling around using WordPress Custom Menus to make lists of Social Icons. They worked but they were fiddly, relied on sprites which are a bit of a pain to deal with and furthermore also relied on users getting comfortable with the advanced settings of Menus and adding things like classes to the menu items. I am also aware that a lot of people use the Genesis Simple Social icons plugin to create a genesis social icon menu.

Let’s Talk about Naming Widget Areas and Sidebars


So, you’ve installed a brand spanking new theme and are starting to plough into the prospect of fitting it out with some sweet customisations. Your theme has a bunch of content editable areas for you, because the developer knows you’re smart and can find your way around their very clever structure. You have, what they call in the biz, intuition. So, you go to your Appearance » Widgets and have a scan down the right hand side of the page to decide where you want to put your content.

Easy, right?

More Mac Web Development Tools in my toolkit – Remote Tools


I broke this post into two because I hadn’t realised just how many tools I use, and really didn’t want to bore you with at TL;DR entry… so hopefully you’ve read the last one and are now catching up with this one… Here are some more mac web development tools, and these ones focus on remote management of servers and cloud based data.

Mac Web Development Tools in my toolkit – Local Tools


In the process of updating this site’s theme, (if you’re reading via RSS, head over for a squizz… it’s looking all brand spanking new over here!!) I have been tidying up my blog archives and came across a post I never finished; one that included a list of all the Mac web development tools in [...]

Food for Thought

Your site is not your own…

ACF Repeater Fields – Adding Classes to List Items


In this quick tutorial I’m using the Advanced Custom Fields (best plugin ever) repeater field to turn out an array of photos and text that link to PDF files (brochures)… and I’m using the genesis grid settings to lay them out nicely (class=”one-third”). The thing is, for the genesis grid to work you have to add a class of ‘first’ on every row… so I need to set up a counter to count the list items and add a class to the first and every third … Check it out.